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In collaboration with Svea Bank, Bokus is offering payments via paper invoice, PDF or e-invoice. Terms of payment is thirty (30) days

In the case of unpaid invoice:

  • Reminders are sent out 7 days after the invoice due date.

  • Dispatch of debt collection claims is made 14 days after the invoice due date.


  • If you have questions regarding the financial transactions linked to your invoice - invoice, payment, debt collection - please contact Svea Bank via email or phone at faktura@svea.com or 08-735 29 59. You will also find their contact information on the invoice itself.

  • Other questions - concerning item, order, delivery, or return - please contact Bokus customer service via the contact form below.

Previous payment partners for invoice payment were Klarna and InExchange, and should you still have unfinished business with them, they are the ones you should contact. You will find their contact details on the invoice or other documents from them.

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