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In collaboration with Svea Bank, Bokus is offering payments via paper invoice, PDF or e-invoice.

When paying against invoice:

  • Terms of payment is thirty (30) days

In the case of unpaid invoices, the following applies:

  • Reminders are sent out 7 days after the invoice due date.
  • Dispatch of debt collection claims is made 14 days after the invoice due date.


  • If you have questions regarding the financial transactions linked to your invoice - invoice, payment, debt collection - please contact Svea Bank via email or phone at faktura@svea.com or 08-735 29 59. You will also find their contact information on the invoice itself.
  • Other questions - concerning item, order, delivery, or return - please contact Bokus customer service via the contact form below.

Previous payment partners for invoice payment were Klarna and InExchange. During a period , there may be transactions linked to either Svea or Klarna. Pay attention to what is written on your particular invoice, for payment and contact.

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