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Payment options

Invoice payment
In collaboration with Svea Bank, Bokus is offering payments via paper invoice, PDF or e-invoice. 

During a period of time, you can still receive invoices handled by Klarna, which until recently was our payment partner. You can read on your invoice whether it is Klarna or Svea Bank that handles the payment for the particular order.Read more about Svea's invoice terms.Read more about how to apply for e-invoice.

Together with Svea Bank we work actively to prevent fraud. If, after all, you suspect that you have been the victim of fraud, or do not recognize an order or a transaction, we will of course help you.
How to handle suspected fraud:
- Get in touch with our our customer service. Try to have as much information as possible about the current order, for faster and smoother handling.
Use the contact form below.
- Remember to always make a police report in case of suspected fraud.

Card payment
Card payment for corporate customers is at present not an option we can offer.
For corporate customers with a Swedish invoice address we offer payment by invoice via Svea Bank.For corporate customers with an invoice address abroad we offer to purchase and pay as a private customer.


Svea Bank
If you have questions regarding the financial transactions linked to your invoice - invoice, payment, debt collection - please contact Svea Bank via email or telephone at faktura@svea.com or 08-735 29 59. You will also find their contact information on the invoice itself.

Other questions - item, order, delivery, return - please contact Bokus customer service. You will find contact forms at the bottom of this guide.

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